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Company Profile

Jiulai Electronics was established in 2009 as a professional electronic technology company. We develop and sell UV LED curing systems and provide UV LED curing solutions for various applications. Our curing systems are carefully designed by our R&D department using selected components, and we rigorously test each system before delivery.

With years of experience in UV LED curing applications, we are able to provide our customers with the most comprehensive and optimized solutions quickly and accurately. Through a standard process that allows customers to fully justify before selecting or improving UV applications to achieve the desired goals and avoid rework or even waste due to inadequate preparation. We have always been customer-oriented and have earned a good reputation for providing good products and good service to our customers. We strive to be a skilled, experienced and responsible company and work with our customers to create a better future.

Why Choose Us

  • After Sales Repair

    Attitude, skills, perception, efficiency
  • Production process

    Full process, professional and standardized requirements.
  • Finished product inspection

    Full batch inspection and re-inspection of all products.
  • After Sales Service

    Regular visits and timely feedback and problem solving.
20+ total members
560+ happy customers
1+ Factory Base
200+ product lines

Our Team

Technology Department

Rigorous, prudent, innovative and progressive

Sales Department

Sincerity, enthusiasm, professionalism and responsibility

Production unit

Focused, patient, diligent, active

After Sales

Attitude, skills, perception, efficiency


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