1. What are the advantages of UV LED?

Answer: Compared with the traditional tube-type light source, Uv led curing machine has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, low cost and long life, and easy operation.

2. What wavelengths does UV LED have?

Answer: UVLED is ultraviolet light. The normal wavelength is 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 400nm, 405nm.

3. About equipment prices?

Answer: The determinants of the equipment price are composed of the light source area, light power, wavelength, materials, processing technology, etc. of the irradiator.

4. Light source area?

A: The light source area has some fixed sizes, 100 * 100, 20 * 20, 20 * 40, 30 * 30, etc. Other areas can be customized.

5. Light intensity?

Answer: 365nm has 400mw, 800m, 1000mw, 395 has 500mw and 800mw, can also be customized according to customer requirements.

6. Light uniformity?

Answer: The uniformity of light can be more than 90%.

7. Light temperature?

Answer: led is a cold light source, there is no heat radiation, there will be no temperature in a short time.

8. What monitoring system is available?

Answer: There are thermal alarm, open circuit alarm, lack of light alarm, single light failure alarm.

9, UV led life?

Answer: The product design is excellent. Under the correct use, it can achieve more than 20,000 hours.

10. Startup time?

Answer: Out of the box, no waiting.

11. Is it harmful to the human body?

Answer: Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light is harmful. It is recommended to protect from light when using it.

12. How heavy is the machine?

Answer: 100 * 100 standard lamp holder is about 2 kg. The custom design will be based on the actual design.

13. How to install?

Answer: There is a fixed hole on the lamp cap. Just follow the installation instructions.

14. Use environment?

Answer: It is recommended to use it in air-conditioned rooms with less dust. Please refer to our manual for details.

15. How about power consumption?

Answer: It depends on the area of the light source and the number of lamp beads. For example, the 56 lamps of 100 * 100 are about 250w.

16. How stable is it?

Answer: We use constant current drive, plus special processing, the light output is very stable during use.

17. Where are the lamp beads?

Answer: All use uv led in Seoul, South Korea, quality assurance.

18. How long is the delivery time?

Answer: The standard product is about 10 days, and the order can be completed within 2-3 weeks.

19. How about light attenuation?

Answer: The environment is good. Under the correct use, the light decay is very slow. Generally, after 10,000 hours, the optical power can be maintained above 90%.

20. Irradiation distance?

A: Large angle lamp beads are best at a distance of about 10mm, and small angles can be 20-30mm.

21. Noise?

Answer: The general light source will be controlled at about 50 dB. Special requirements can be around 60.

22. What are the advantages of your equipment compared to other companies?

A: Our equipment is more careful, and our reputation is very good. We don”t like to evaluate the equipment of our peers.

23. Warranty policy?

Answer: Non-artificial damage, one year warranty.

24. How to deal with damaged equipment?

Answer: The two parties have negotiated a repair method and completed it as quickly as possible.

25. How to maintain?

A: You need to do some cleaning work. For details, please refer to our instruction manual.

26. How big is the recommended power?

Answer: It is recommended that the power be turned on to 80%. Leave some margin. If there is attenuation in the future, you can adjust it.

27. Irradiated effective area?

Answer: Generally, if it is a 100 * 100 light emitting surface, the relatively uniform area is about 95 * 95.

28. The power of the lamp beads?

Answer: The power of a single lamp bead is 3.7w.

29. Has it been a producer or a trader for a long time?

Answer: Our products are independently developed, produced and sold.

30. What is the size of the company?

Answer: The company is divided into Shenzhen headquarters and East China Operation Center (Hangzhou).

31. When was it established?

Answer: Established in 2009.

32. How many years have I been in business?

Answer: The founder has 9 years of experience in the industry and is the earliest in China to engage in this industry.

33. What typical customers have you done?

Answer: Foxconn, Huawei, China Unicom, Xintai Optics, Dongju Electronics, etc.

34. Cooling method?

A: Our main fan cooling is simple, durable. Problems can be found in time, and water or air cooling can be used according to customer needs.

35. Time setting method?

Answer: It can count down. The timing unit can reach 0.1 seconds and it can be always on.

36. Input voltage?

Answer: Normally it is 220v. If you have special needs, you can also support 110v.

37. Would you like to connect an external ventilation device?

Answer: No external ventilation device is needed because ozone is not generated.

38. What are the forms?

Answer: Can support oven, conveyor.

39. Can you foot switch?

Answer: You can connect the foot switch.

40. How much does it affect the exposure distance?

Answer: UV is more sensitive to distance, and distance has a greater impact on light intensity. It is recommended to use a suitable irradiation distance.

41. Is it always on?

Answer: It can support constant light, because our drivers and heat dissipation can ensure the long-term operation of the light source.

42. How long does it take to cure the glue?

Answer: Under normal circumstances, it can be completed within 10s, and the special one may take a little longer.

43. What is the difference between 395 and 365?

Answer: 365nm is the most commonly used wavelength for curing glue, but some need to pass through a layer of material or a colored adhesive, 395 is more suitable. The longer the wavelength, the better the transmission power.

44, does the UV LED have an odor?

Answer: UV LED does not produce ozone and has no odor; the tube type produces ozone, so it has odor.

45. Payment method?

A: Advance payment. After receiving the goods, the inspection is qualified and the full payment is paid.

46. What industries are mainly used for?

Answer: It is mainly used in optical electronic display, electro-acoustic, etc.

47. The curing range?

Answer: UV glue, UV ink, UV paint, etc.

48. Can it be installed on their existing machines?

Answer: UV led devices are relatively small and can generally be installed on other devices.

49. Principle of glue curing?

Answer: Under UV light irradiation, UV glue will undergo cross-linking reaction and polymerize from monomer to macromolecule.

50. Is the replacement part expensive?

Answer: The semiconductor market is changing rapidly. This can only be marketed with the market, but the general trend is that it is getting cheaper.

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