UV LED replaces traditional UV lamps is an inevitable trend

 The ever-changing printing and packaging market is facing various problems, especially the problem of excessive packaging. The involvement of a large number of printing and digital reading materials, coupled with the increasing emphasis on environmental protection and energy saving, has made the printing market shrink.
     Since the introduction of the National Twelfth Five-Year Plan, the country has stepped up efforts to rectify the printing industry and move it to a new path for green printing. The traditional printing process is facing huge challenges. Some companies can”t wait to update the traditional printing process, and some companies are looking for improved formulas for printing supplies. However, there are really not many companies that can help companies solve problems such as market shrinkage and energy conservation and environmental protection.

       Today, I had the honor to visit a printing company customer in Zhuhai. At present, they are vigorously promoting an energy-saving ink. They thought it was only an environmentally-friendly soybean ink. They used old bottles of “new products” in new bottles. Promote the proportion of soybean oil in the ink.
       But after the company”s manager introduced, I learned the secrets of the past. The UV light sources currently used on UV offset presses generally use high-pressure mercury lamps and metal halide lamps. Due to the large size of the lamps and power supplies, large power consumption and heat generation, damage to the printing press and substrates, and ozone generated during use, cause the environment. Pollution and other issues. In addition, it is difficult for the printer to maintain normal operation when the voltage is unstable, and the effect of fast drying of the printing ink is also not achieved.
According to the manager, in recent years, a light-emitting diode (UV LED) capable of emitting ultraviolet rays has been developed, which is used together with the special offset printing ink that is instantaneously cured under the LED ultraviolet light. Reflects the following advantages:

①Compared with the traditional UV lamp quick-drying method, LED requires only a quarter of its power consumption, which can greatly save energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions.

② LED generates less heat and has less thermal impact on the printing of printing materials with low heat resistance such as plastic film and the printer. It only needs to adjust the printing accuracy slightly, and the paper loss is reduced accordingly.

③ Compared with the UV lamp, the LED light source element has a 12 times longer life! !! The frequency of light source replacement is greatly reduced, and the equipment consumption is also reduced.

④ The LED can be turned on or off instantly, without preheating and cooling time, and the operating efficiency is greatly improved.

⑤ The ultraviolet irradiation device and related supporting devices are very compact, and do not require the large mechanical installation space and pipeline construction in the past, and the installation is simple and easy.

     UV LED printing enhances environmental harmony, long life and high energy efficiency. However, because many companies only consider short-term cost issues, they cannot see the future development of the company, and current acceptance requires a certain process. However, it is an inevitable trend that UV LED quick-drying and quick-printing replace traditional UV lamp quick-printing.



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