UV-S300 UV circulating antivirus machine

  • Main Specification:
  • UV-S300 UV circulating antivirus machine CE、Microbial detection;
  • Certificate Suitable area:20m²-40m²

Circulating air ultraviolet disinfection machine (also known as dynamic air disinfection machine)

The product is specially designed for human-machine coexistence environment, its advantages and characteristics are that it can be sterilized in the presence of people, and there is no smell, no radiation, no corrosion of equipment during disinfection, ultraviolet radiation is completely closed inside the machine, ozone concentration in the air at work ≤0.1mg/m³; , far lower than the national standard of 0.15mg/m³ [1]; (Circulating air volume can reach 850-1500m³/h, and the air volume of the machine must be more than 10 times the volume of the air to be disinfected to achieve the disinfection effect [1]). The air in the disinfection room is inhaled into the machine, and then released out of the disinfection room after being irradiated by high-intensity ultraviolet rays inside the machine. In addition, the air disinfection machine also uses three auxiliary purification functions: 1, HEPA high efficiency filter; 3, activated carbon filter; 4, photocatalyst filter screen.

Product name: SPARda UV cycle wind ultraviolet disinfection machine

Advantages and features: medical uv lamp beads (non-UV lamp)/human-machine coexistence (air circulation sterilization operation can be carried out in the presence of people)

Application environment: dynamic disinfection of indoor air

Applicable area: 20㎡-40㎡

Equipment maintenance: generally according to the dust pollution situation regularly clean the air inlet filter, the internal filter half a year to a year to replace once! Replacing the filter element or cleaning the filter must be off the power supply of the equipment under the circumstances of operation! Non-professional maintenance personnel should not dismantle the equipment to avoid affecting safety.

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